Nurse Test

Want to have almost every important health test in the world on your mobile or tablet, and save the results in a clinical record for each patient?




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Diabetes Pharma


It is a query tool for physicians and other health adequately treating each diabetic patient on hyperglycemia. How often there are more drugs and which one is right?
The App drugs recommended depending on what the doctor choose regarding: Efficiency, Hypoglycemia Risk, Weight, Side effects and Costs.




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Diabetes Hypoglycemia

Want to know what you have to do before a Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is the most common acute complication of diabetes. Hypoglycemia can occur in anyone with diabetes, regardless of age, the time or the place where you are.Mild hypoglycaemia is not alarming, but if not treated quickly could reach seriously complicated. Appropriately resolve this problem needs to be able to recognize hypoglycemia and appropriate actions.




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Diabetes Risk

Do you want to know the risk of having Diabetes in the future?

DiabetesRisk calculates the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes in the next 10 years by the FINDRISK test or scale.

According to the score obtained in this questionnaire, it’s possible to determine the risk’s degree and the actions you have to adopt to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.




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CardioVascular Risk Calculation

All tables for calculating cardiovascular risk in your iPhone.

Get the results of the most prestigious studios comfortably typing the necessary data for each study.

Calculations available:

- Framingham
-European Society of Cardiology
-European Society of Hypertension

Includes all previous concepts for understanding and prevention activities to prevent heart disease.




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DM2 fácil (Spanish only)

¿Quieres tener toda la información de forma sencilla sobre la Diabetes tipo 2 en tu dispositivo móvil?

La medicina es una disciplina en constante cambio. La diabetes es un claro ejemplo de ello. Cada año se publican, además de miles de originales, diferentes recomendaciones de evaluación, tratamiento y seguimiento por parte de varias sociedades científicas lo que hace complicado, incluso para los especialistas en la materia, mantenerse totalmente al día.
Con el apoyo de FAES Farma os presentamos una guía sencilla y práctica donde podrás encontrar fácilmente las recomendaciones más aceptadas y actualizadas en cuanto al cribado, diagnóstico, clasificación, tratamiento y seguimiento de la diabetes.



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Do you want to know your friends’ height, their BMI and share it on social networks taking only two photos?

Do you want to know the height of any person, object, building or animal?

Or do you want to know the distance between two points?






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