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Presented to an App worldwide necessary and useful for all health (Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Therapists, ...) to value their patients with scientifically validated scales.

Nurse TestCalled NurseTest and integrates almost all major health test that exist, both on the phone or tablet, making any mobile can be saved lot of patient data, which until now was impossible.

Also NurseTest saves the results in a record of each patient, ie takes a medical history of each, may consult the evolution of the assessments made ​​upon it. And last but not least, what it does is generate a report to print or send to another health in order to keep the continuity of care of patients.

NurseTest is developed for all Android and Apple devices and is available in several English, Portuguese, French, German and Spanish languages.

This application is available to all health professions homogeneous assessment instruments, consisting of questionnaires, scales, tests and validated indices, in order to facilitate the assessment of needs and health problems of the people we serve and care in our daily practice.

No questionnaires are all possible, but has made ​​a selection based on criteria of validity, reliability and sensitivity.

These scales are used by health professionals of different levels of care (primary care, hospital care, geriatric care, mental health), providing continuity of care between levels, ie, a patient may be for a period in hospital to be cared usually in a health center, to be subsequently a residence, etc., well with health NurseTest serving documents you can share your valuation.

Apply scales, test or valid, reliable and sensitive indices, provides greater scientific rigor in professional practice, improving care for people who treat and care.

NurseTest creators are members of Red Ebersalud (www.redebersalud.com), which already have more apps developed (all about health) and some of which are successful applications like Pharma Diabetes was No.1 in Apple downloads or Diabetes Risk, which recommends the English National Health System (NHS) first choice in their library Apps for professionals for its reliability and safety for patients.


Nurse Test

Nurse Test

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Nurse Test - Newborn Health Test.APGAR
- Nicotine dependence. Fagerstrom Test
- Richmond’s Test. Motivation to quit smoking.
- Detecting alcoholism. Cage Camufaldo.

- Detecting alcoholism. Malt-0

- Risk scale of Pressure Sores. Norton
- Anorexia bulimia. Scoff
- Know your nutritional health
- Risk scale of Pressure Sores. Braden
- Risk scale of Pressure Sores. Emina
- Rating vascular ulcers. Wagner
- Nutritional status evaluation scales.MNA
- Questionnaire of fall risk in hospitals. Morse
- Dyspnoea scale. Modified MRC
- Functional classification of the New York Heart Association (NYHA) for congestive heart failure
- Multiple falls risk scale.
- Activity Scale. Karnofsky
- Screening for dementia. Informant Test
- Glasgow Coma Scale
- Post-anaesthesia recovery test. Aldrete
- Level of Sedation Scale. Ramsay
- Cognitive deterioration screening. Pfeiffer
- Post-anaesthetic recovery Test in ambulatory surgery. Revised Aldrete
- Neonatal Pain Scale
- Geriatric Depression Scale. Yesavage V15 Test
- Geriatric Depression Scale. Yesavage V5 Test
- Screening test for eating disorders. Scoff
- Rating Scale body dissatisfaction in adolescents. EEICA
- Plutchik suicide risk scale.
- Hamilton Anxiety Scale
- Perception of family function. Family Apgar questionnaire
- Duke-unc Questionnaire
- Social risk. Sociofamiliar rating scale
- Overload questionnaire for caregivers. Zarit
- Caregiver’s effort index
- International index of erectile function
- Beck Hopelessness Scale
- Young Mania Rating Scale
- Autonomy for Activities of Daily Living. Barthel amended by Granger et Alt
- Oviedo’s questionnaire about sleep
- Urinary incontinence questionnaire ICIQ-SF
- Health fragility test. Barber’s Test



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